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"What's a pastebin? o_O"

Because most people are rather dull, I've included a definition of a pastebin.

A pastebin, also known as a nopaste, is a web application which allows its users to upload snippets of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing. It is very popular in IRC channels where pasting large amounts of text is considered bad etiquette. A vast number of pastebins exist on the Internet, suiting a number of different needs and provided features tailored towards the crowd they focus on most.

In simpler terms, a pastebin is a website which can be used by members of forums or users of various chat systems (Such as IRC, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Instant Messenger) to transfer large amounts of text.

A benefit of using a pastebin, such as the pastebin on is that any source code can highlighted and made easier to read. This is a majorly important feature, because source code can be far easier to read when it's highlighted.